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Apple Shooter Madness

Show Your Madness Toward Shooting Apple With Archery


With Apple Shooter Madnessjust get fun and addiction, with cool environment a long with two camera modes which give you the feel of Real Archer .

Apple Shooter Madness Has huge Level to play Around [100 Levels]. The Big Part of what made Apple Shooter Madness is the unique Levels and two different Cameras with ease aiming. Fully comical Environment That Feel and suit better for all users. Different Level has different Animation, looks and feel. Easy Playable and Controls with Archer Animation.

The Level is Well Design with Animation that includes focusing on Apple. The Fatty Guy Always Make you fun and give focus to target well. The Apple Shooter Give you the Best Animation and Physics of Apple, Archery, Archer and Fatty Guy.


Smith Alex 15 Sept 2015, 12:20


Both Camera mode is too good. I Enjoy this Game Too much and I am a big fan of Apple Shooter

GWE 02 april 2015, 15:20

Thanks for your valuable effort and more Things are going to come soon

Rockey 18 may 2015, 15:20


Every levels are enjoyable and fun to play with Madness I specially like the Fatty Guy

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