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Samurai Assassination

Time To Show The Assassination To Those Who Misuse Their Powers


Show Your Deadly Assassination toward Power Holders Who Misuse the Power and Build The Deadly Kingdoms. The Enemy in the Game Are Deadly Slaves Who walk up when you go nears to them..

Samurai Assassination The Game Started to Kill the Attitude of Boss That He is Misusing Those Powers. The Games Include the Levels As Waves Each Waves Include 10 Levels And One Big Battle. It's also Include The Intelligent Ai That Walk up When The Player Go Near to them

The Level is Well Design with Animation that includes focusing on Killing. Deadly Slaves


Simple Game Play and Easy Control

Cool Graphics

Many Achievements and Leader board

Three Different Characters to Choose

Mission Base Game

Fun And Addictive

Can Disable Ads While Game Play


Smith Alex 22 Sept 2016, 12:20


All Characters is too good. I Enjoy this Game Too much and I am a big fan of Samurai

GWE 22 July 2016, 15:20

Thanks for your valuable effort and more Things are going to come soon

Rockey 24 July 2016, 15:20


Every levels are enjoyable and fun to play with Assassination I specially like the TThird Character

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